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Program Consulting

When was the last time a fresh pair of eyes took a look at your compliance program? Don't let blind spots steer your strategy and tools straight into Compliance Theater. We can help you accomplish more of the right things and give you time to focus on your strengths.

Create a meaningful code for your organization

Your code of conduct declares your organization's values and expectations to your employees and stakeholders. What is your code saying about you? We can help you build something that is accessible to everyone, communicates clear expectations for your people leaders and employees, tells your employees how and when to speak up, and helps your employees make good decisions.

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Draft policies and procedures that are clearer than mud

Good policies and procedures articulate your organization's position and tell employees how to comply—no J.D. required! We'll translate your portfolio of policies and procedures using a human voice and eliminate barriers to compliance. We'll even help you operationalize them!

Say goodbye to "just in case" training

Customizing off-the-shelf training and communications materials is hard—and then you get "just in case" training when you send it to everyone. Eliminate the guesswork for your employees and let us do the heavy lifting! We'll create the best tools your employees have ever received. We're here to evaluate your current training and communications portfolio, help you identify opportunities to reach your employees, and develop metrics so you can prove how you're being effective.

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Speak up and be heard

Things happen. Questions need answers. Does your speak up program give employees the space they need to raise concerns and get guidance? We can help you identify opportunities to make it easier for employees to speak up, develop metrics that help you monitor your culture, and write communications that demystify and normalize the entire process.

Get a handle on conflicts of interests

Conflicts of interests aren't all bad—but your employees have to know that so they feel comfortable getting the compliance team involved. We'll help you get a handle on your conflicts of interests program and help you build an end-to-end disclosures process that's easy for employees and your compliance team. You'll be celebrating your employees' accomplishments when you harmonize their responsibilities and interests.

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Tune-up your Tone at the Top and Mood in the Middle

If you recorded your leaderships' words and actions for a day, would you want to use that video for your training? Empower your senior- and people leaders to set the right example. We can help you evaluate your leadership's commitment to institutionalizing a culture of compliance, and create strategies that enable them to take an active role in compliance.

Our process

Step 1


Book a discovery call with us

We're compliance professionals that ask the right questions to get to the core of what you're trying to accomplish in your program.

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Allow us to create a customized plan

We'll recommend a solution that's tailored to your unique situation. Best of all, our projects are generally flat-fee so you know what to expect from the start.

Step 3


We'll execute the project

Let us do the heavy lifting. We'll free you up to do more of what you want to do in your compliance program.

Step 4


Celebrate your successes

We're big fans of proving your program works with meaningful metrics. You can show how compliance is working for your organization and get more big wins.

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