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Fractional Leadership

Let's ramp up your compliance program. We can help you start a compliance program or maintain continuity through periods of transition.

Build a strong program from the start

There's no prescriptive manual for building a compliance program, and for good reason—you need a compliance program tailored to fit the needs of your organization. And you need someone with business and compliance experience to help you build your compliance program. We'll help you evaluate organizational readiness, complete a risk assessment, and assist in hiring and onboarding your first full-time compliance officer.

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Keep your compliance momentum

Do you have a succession plan for your compliance leadership? Don't pile responsibilities onto other employees—they've already got enough on their plates! Make a fractional leader part of your plan and ensure your compliance program stays active and visible through periods of long-term leave and transition. We'll even help you onboard your new, full-time compliance officer.

Our process

Step 1


Book a discovery call with us

We're compliance professionals that ask the right questions to get to the core of what you're trying to accomplish in your program.

Step 2


Allow us to create a customized plan

We'll recommend a solution that's tailored to your unique situation. Best of all, our projects are generally flat-fee so you know what to expect from the start.

Step 3


We'll execute the project

Let us do the heavy lifting. We'll free you up to do more of what you want to do in your compliance program.

Step 4


Celebrate your successes

We're big fans of proving your program works with meaningful metrics. You can show how compliance is working for your organization and get more big wins.

Be among the first to know

The Field Guide to Compliance publishes practical guidance for every step of your compliance journey.