Let’s work 1:1 to level-up your compliance skills. 

Feel like you generally know how to accomplish your role but need a little extra push to make it happen?

You need down-to-earth boldness to totally own your role.

Whether you’re a new compliance practitioner or an experienced professional who’s recently leveled-up, you’re on a mission to help your employees do their jobs the right way.

With courage comes confidence and OUTINGS FOR COMPLIANCE TRAILBLAZERS helps you hone your skills and get peace of mind knowing what you're doing is working well so you can move onto the next thing.

(There’s always a "next thing.")

“I was really struggling with how to make our E&C communications understandable and yet impactful. It was immediately clear that Courtney's passion about compliance communications, work product quality, and her devotion to customer satisfaction makes her a standout.”

If you’re an advocate for continuous improvement and a keen learner who looks beyond the compliance sphere to find answers, this program is for you.

You’ve attended the usual conferences and training sessions but you can’t quite put your finger on how to connect what you learn with what your employees actually do. You’re struggling to reconcile the compliance field norms with your mission to make real change happen.

You've been searching for answers.

  • Where does compliance fit in my organization?
  • How can I be more deliberate in my role?
  • What should I present to leadership to get my initiatives approved?
  • How do I positively change how compliance is perceived?
  • Who are my highest-risk employees—and what are they doing right now?
  • What can I do to make compliance more straightforward for everyone?
  • Is doing things better worth the work?

“So many questions, too many projects—is there a direct flight to the island where no one knows my name!?”

You love working in compliance because this field gives you the opportunity to show compassion for employees who want to be helped, be firm when misconduct arises, and build good rapport with senior leadership—but it's so much work to do things the right way.

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Let's get deliberate about what you're doing and transform your compliance program vision into reality.

You need a practical strategy so you can focus on the right things and create an amazing compliance program experience for your employees.

You're not afraid of getting out from behind your desk and making things happen—and neither am I.

Lace up your hiking boots. We're going on an adventure together.


Outings for Compliance Trailblazers tm

Welcome to Outings for Compliance Trailblazers—your 1:1 coaching program to hone your skills, build confidence in your role, and reframe what it means to be a compliance professional. 

>> Here's what's ahead for you <<

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Choose Your Adventure

We'll focus on honing your skills and tailoring them to fit your role and responsibilities. Choose 1-3 of these topics—or suggest your own!

  • Incorporating compliance into how your employees work with job aids and just-in-time guidance
  • Using data in your compliance program
  • Developing useful policies
  • Taking a DIY approach to compliance program assessment
  • Normalizing speaking up at work


Choose Your Program 

We can work together over 3, 6, or 12 60-minute bi-weekly or monthly sessions. We'll use the time to get in-depth about your initiative, practice and hone your skills, and set you up for success. (Like, crazy good success.)

All packages include:

  • Pre-Coaching Worksheet to help you get the clarity you need to grow and quickly get me up to speed on your initiative.
  • Your chance to exploit my breadth of business and compliance knowledge to connect compliance with how your employees actually work.
  • My observations and next steps to help you think cross-functionally, anticipate and eliminate barriers, and get super practical so you can make the most of your initiative.
  • Session audio recordings and transcripts to help you be present and engaged in our conversations.
  • Post-Session support by email or text for 30 days after our session to get your follow up questions answered.
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For Compliance Trailblazers™ building a strategy for an upcoming initiative.



  • 3x 60-minute Sessions


For Compliance Trailblazers™ developing a strategy and implementing an initiative.



  • 6x 60-minute Sessions


For Compliance Trailblazers™ wanting to make this year their best year ever.



  • 12x 60-minute Sessions

“Courtney's pragmatic and comprehensive approach to evaluating various scenarios and situations truly demonstrate her expertise and leadership in the field.”

Are you ready to run your compliance program before it runs you?

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Heads up!

Purposeful Leadership may help you stop doing too many things at once so you can make a bigger impact while doing fewer things better.

“She is one of the very few compliance experts I know who makes compliance practical, actionable, and real. Not just a fuzzy concept and certainly not boring legalese. She’s the kind of person who sees the big picture and can actually get sh*t done to make it there. I’ve loved working with her - she’s an amazing person brimming with passion and ideas.”

That's not all, folks.


Get Exclusive Membership to the Compliance Trailblazers Community 

You’ll get direct access to me in this community, so speak up and get all your compliance skills questions answered.

We even do live virtual meet-ups!

We comfortably achieve our goals* around here so come as you are! You’ll get direct access to me in this community, so speak up and get all your compliance skills questions answered.

*Cameras are optional and sweatshirts are likely.

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A person is leading a trek up a hill at sunset.

Imagine yourself:

  • Getting to the heart of the problem to solve real issues with meaningful solutions
  • Confidently supporting leaders and employees alike and being seen as a true resource for their teams
  • Mindfully using company resources and your own time by focusing on what needs to happen
  • Probing business process outcomes for metrics to quantify compliance and demonstrate real return on investment

With courage and confidence, you can be a Compliance Trailblazer™ who thinks outside the box, rolls up your sleeves, and makes real change happen.



“Wait, who are you again?”

Hi there, I'm Courtney!

I’m a Compliance Advisor for Purposeful Leaders—many of whom are new to the compliance field or have recently leveled-up—who share my vision of compliance programs that are practical, approachable, and effective. I've fused 10+ years of experience in compliance, ethics, and operations with a Master’s degree in Applied and Professional Ethics from the University of Leeds to help purposeful leaders hone their skills and make real change happen.

I’m a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional, an ENTJ, Dynamo, and Enneagram Type 8 (The Challenger) whose Top 5 Strengths are Individualization, Relator, Strategic, Restorative, and Achiever. My favorite vegetable is salsa, I'm a huge fan of the Oxford comma, and I'm both a dog- and cat-person. (I also hate icebreakers.)

After a brief stint in Arts Administration, I stumbled into compliance and ethics (perhaps like you) more than a decade ago. I started by managing a helpline and training program, and eventually created entire compliance programs from scratch. Along the way, I’ve advised compliance program leaders from small, high-risk companies to Fortune 10 behemoths to help them make the most of every initiative and promote a culture where things are done right the first time. I’ve even run operations for a start-up and incorporated compliance by design, so I truly come alive when you exploit my breadth of knowledge and give me the chance to connect compliance with what your employees actually do.

My approach to every compliance initiative is deliberate and inquisitive. Ultimately, I want everything we put in front of your leadership and employees to have an overt connection to their role and responsibilities.

Photo of Courtney in front of a pond and snowy mountains.

Let's make compliance relevant to your employees so you'll be top of mind when they need you most.

My clients have have the confidence they need to totally own their roles.

They solve problems with someone who asks “why?” just as much as they do.

They're making better decisions for their business and focusing on the right things to maximize their impact.

Ask me three questions.

“Is this program for me?”

This program is perfect for new compliance practitioners with at least a few years’ experience in some other function who want to accelerate their professional growth, and experienced professionals who’ve recently leveled-up their careers and need a sounding board to help them focus on their best ideas.

“What happens after I apply to the program?”

After you apply to the program, I'll review your submission and contact you by email within 1-2 business days to see if we're a good fit.


Tap the button directly below these questions and it'll take you right where you need to be!