“Look for the helpers.”

I found one—you! You’re a helper. You want to help your organization’s employees do their jobs compliantly.

You’re the one who rolls up your sleeves, takes the time to talk with people and understand what they do, and finds ways to nudge good behaviors.

Hi there! I'm Courtney—and I'm not afraid to get out from behind my desk and make things happen either.

After a brief stint in Arts Administration, I stumbled into compliance and ethics (perhaps like you) more than a decade ago. I started by managing a helpline and training program, and eventually created entire compliance programs from scratch. Along the way, I’ve advised compliance program leaders from small, high-risk companies to Fortune 10 behemoths to help them make the most of every initiative and promote a culture where things are done right the first time. I’ve even run operations for a start-up and incorporated compliance by design, so I truly come alive when you exploit my breadth of knowledge and give me the chance to connect compliance with what your employees actually do.

I’m a firm believer of many things, but here are the two things that are most important to you right now:

  • The compliance function exists to prevent and detect misconduct, and align the business with rules, regulations, and laws.
  • Compliance is all about helping people do their jobs right the first time.

My approach to every compliance initiative is deliberate and inquisitive. Ultimately, I want everything we put in front of your leadership and employees to have an overt connection to their role and responsibilities.

courtney shapes

Courtney Sander, MA, CCEP

Integrator, Dynamo, and Compliance and Ethics Athlete

📍Currently in Texas, prefers to be on mountains

I get up every day to help people—many of whom are new to the compliance field or have recently leveled-up—who share this vision develop compliance programs that are practical, approachable, and effective.

When we start working together, I’ll get to know you and your program before we do anything else. Some people come to me with specific problems and others can’t put their finger on what needs to be addressed. Either way, I love getting to the root cause! I’ll craft a plan that guides you from roll-out to monitoring so you can run your program. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that what you’re doing is working well so you can prove your organization’s return on investment and move onto the next thing. (There’s always “one more thing!”)

Let’s make compliance relevant to your employees so you’ll be top of mind when they need you most.

Put some time on our calendars for a discovery call, and let’s transform your compliance program vision into reality.

Here's what people have to say.

🔆 “Not only is she an expert and truly passionate ethics professional, her ability to communicate the importance of ethics and compliance to a wide spectrum of targets demonstrated her effectiveness in delivering key messages of critical importance to all levels of the organization. Courtney's pragmatic and comprehensive approach to evaluating various scenarios and situations truly demonstrate her expertise and leadership in the field.”

🔆 “Courtney has a passion and energy that's key to driving a culture of compliance within any company.”

🔆 “I was really struggling with how to make our E&C communications understandable and yet impactful. It was immediately clear that Courtney's passion about compliance communications, work product quality, and her devotion to customer satisfaction makes her a standout.”

🔆 “Every time I see that Courtney is presenting on a topic, I sign up for that presentation. It doesn't really matter what the topic is - I know that I will enjoy the presentation and walk away more knowledgeable than when I arrived. It takes rare talent to make discussions about compliance analytics and training methodology interesting, and Courtney has that talent.”

🔆 “She is both a creative and responsive powerhouse. Any time I had a new compliance-related communication, presentation, or manage toolkit to build out, Courtney was my first call and she always had a helpful resource or tip to provide. Any client or employer that needs a positive and insightful compliance/communications professional to work with should stop looking and start working with Courtney right away!”

🔆 “Courtney is a master at figuring out where the issue lies—and how to prevent said issues in the future.”

🔆 “As a compliance officer, she has varied and desirable experience. She is recognized as a peer and thought leader, as is evidenced by the contributions she's made through individual and group level guidance at industry events and conferences.”

🔆 “I have known Courtney for several years and I can’t say I’ve ever seen a time when she wasn’t on her A-game. She is one of the very few compliance experts I know who makes compliance practical, actionable, and real. Not just a fuzzy concept and certainly not boring legalese. She’s the kind of person who sees the big picture and can actually get shit done to make it there. I’ve loved working with her - she’s an amazing person brimming with passion and ideas.”