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About Ford the River Compliance

Ford the River Compliance helps lawyers, compliance and ethics practitioners, and business leaders transform their policies and standard operating procedures into actionable, practical programs. We've got the compliance know-how and program management skills to make compliance possible for real life people—one business process at a time.

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Our Guiding Principles

We believe that good business is more than just delivering exceptional products and services—it's about how we achieve it. These four Guiding Principles are at the heart of everything we do

We’re dynamic leaders

It takes quick wit and influence to keep everyone moving in the same direction—and we’re mindful of how we accomplish that. We’re sincere, thoughtful, and straightforward in everything we do.

We’re adventurous wayfinders

There’s always a way to solve a problem—and it’s our mission to seek it out. We come prepared, take calculated risks, think open-mindedly and unconventionally, and blaze a new trail forward.

We see the forest and the trees

True problem-solving requires a proverbial helicopter and a good pair of hiking shoes. We map out big picture strategy by considering our stakeholders and the details we’ll inevitably encounter along the way.

We're pragmatic people

Excellence is only valuable when it’s accessible and approachable. We’re keen to deliver useful solutions that are designed with form and function in mind.

Meet Courtney Sander

Hi there! I'm Courtney!

I'm an expert generalist based in Texas. My favorite vegetable is salsa, I'm a huge fan of the Oxford comma, and I'm both a dog- and cat-person. (I also hate icebreakers.)

Part process-sorceress, part cat-herder, I'm the quick-witted, resourceful, and pragmatic leader you need to get everyone rowing in the same direction.

I found my professional niche in compliance and ethics more than a decade ago. My skillsets focus on connecting abstract concepts and policies to what people do every day. The compliance function is meant to help people, so it's my goal to ensure programs are practical, approachable, and effective. I've worked both in-house and supported dozens of clients across the board to help them make the most of their compliance and ethics programs.

And while I'm a compliance and ethics athlete, I switch-hit and serve as an Integrator, too. I've self-implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to prevent bottlenecks, optimize talent, and make meetings more productive.

My other fun accomplishments include managing an orchestra one summer in college, plumbing and tiling my bathroom, going winter off-roading in North Dakota, and being the best seat-filler ever for a televised Kennedy Center event.


Courtney Sander, MA, CCEP

Integrator, Dynamo, and Compliance and Ethics Athlete

📍Currently in Texas, prefers to be on mountains