Compliance Advisor for Purposeful Leaders

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I'm helping purposeful compliance leaders design actionable, practical programs that employees and senior leaders understand.

Are you a compliance practitioner who wants to make compliance easier for your employees so you'll be top of mind in their moments of greatest need? Do you want to get more time to do your best work so you can make a bigger impact?
As a purposeful leader who advocates for compliance, a purposeful strategy and game plan that connects seemingly abstract laws, regulations, and policies with what your employees actually do are must-haves. It's time to transform your actionable, practical compliance program vision into reality.

Get peace of mind knowing that what you're doing is working well so you can move onto the next thing.

(There's always a next thing.)

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Hi thereā€”I'm Courtney!

After a brief stint in Arts Administration, I stumbled into compliance and ethics (perhaps like you) more than a decade ago. I started by managing a helpline and training program, and eventually created entire compliance programs from scratch. Along the way, Iā€™ve advised compliance program leaders from small, high-risk companies to Fortune 10 behemoths to help them make the most of every initiative and promote a culture where things are done right the first time. Iā€™ve even run operations for a start-up and incorporated compliance by design, so I truly come alive when you exploit my breadth of knowledge and give me the chance to connect compliance with what your employees actually do.

Deliberately do better.

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